Aglaé Bassens

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Bio & CV

Bio & CV:

Aglaé Bassens (b. 1986, Mons, Belgium) received a BFA from the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University (2007) and an MFA in painting from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (2011). Bassens’s works can be found in the permanent collections of ICA Miami and Colección SOLO, Madrid.
With a practice rooted in observation and critical analysis, Aglaé Bassens creates alluring and poignant depictions of everyday life. Often sourced from personal photographs and found images, her imagery evokes the ordinary and attempts to reframe it, inviting the viewer to reimagine and reconsider everyday sights.


Aglaé Bassens
b. 1986, Mons, Belgium 


2011: MFA Painting, The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.
2007: Bachelor of Fine arts, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University

Solo Exhibitions

2024: “Do Not Disturb”, 12.26, Dallas, TX
2023: “Downtime”, Hesse Flatow, NY
2023: “Emptiful”, ICA Miami, FL 
2022: “A Light Touch”, 12.26 West, Los Angeles
2022: solo booth at Future Fair, Hesse Flatow, NY
2021: “The Feeling Is Mutual”, Hesse Flatow, NY
2021: “Empty Threats”, 12.26, Dallas, TX
2020: “Sincerely”, Hesse Flatow, NY
2018: “Surface Tension”, Nars Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
2016: “Front Parting”, Cabin Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions

2024: “After Hours”, Turn Gallery, NYC
2024: Dallas Art Fair, Hesse Flatow, TX
2024: Felix Art Fair, 12.26 Gallery, LA 
2023: “Clairvoyance”, Shrine Gallery, NY
2023: “The Blue Hour”, Workplace, London
2023: Dallas Art Fair, 12.26 Gallery, Dallas, TX
2023: Expo Chicago, Hesse Flatow Gallery, Chicago IL 
2022: Untitled Miami, Booth C10, Hesse Flatow, Miami, FL
2022: Dallas Art Fair, Hesse Flatow Gallery, Dallas, TX
2022: Dallas Art Fair, Gallery 12.26 Booth, Dallas, TX
2022: “Leave A Light On”, The Valley, New Mexico
2022: Intersect Palm Springs Art Fair, Hesse Flatow booth, Palm Springs, CA
2021: Future Art Fair, NY
2021: “Shifted Horizon”, Hesse Flatow, NY
2021: “This Is Water”, Workplace Gallery, London
2020: “Fête Galante”, curated by Gwendolyn Zabicki, Heaven Gallery, Chicago
2019: “STILL HERE”, Newington Gallery, London
2019: “Chains”, Central Park Gallery, Los Angeles
2018: “Layers”, Global Committee, Brooklyn, NY