Alexandra Barth

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Bio & CV

Bio & CV:

Alexandra Barth’s work explores the production of the everyday spaces we live in. Drawing on her own daily experiences, Barth examines the minutiae of the systematic arrangement of space. She depicts precise details from anonymous domestic and private spaces to explore the peculiarities of human activity and the ways in which we build our environments. Taking personal imagery, as well as estate agency images as points of departure, Barth uses airbrush painting to create an artificial, digital quality in her work. The uniform furniture and accoutrement of everyday life that make up the subjects of her paintings recall utopian design ideals, depicted from unfamiliar angles.

Barth was born in 1989 in Malacky, Slovakia. She received her MA from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava. Her work has been exhibited internationally throughout Europe and the United States, including solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Paris and London. 


Alexandra Barth
b. 1989, Malacky, Slovakia


2013: Academy of fine arts and design Bratislava, painting (M.A.)

Solo Exhibitions

2024: Solo Booth, The Armory Show Art Fair, with Mrs. Gallery, New York (forthcoming)
2023: Soft Corners, Mrs., New York
2023: “Necessity of Artifice”, Photoport, Bratislava
2022: “The door hinge”, A SUD, Pescara
2022: “Mechanical bath”, Stone projects, Prague
2021: “Scenography”, Chris Sharp, Los Angeles
2021: “Meno domu”, Photoport, Bratislava
2020: “Configurations of the banal (in a dramatic lighting)”, Phoinix, Bratislava
2020: “The Elevator”, Fondazione Zimei c/o Urban gallery, Pescara
2019: “Evidence of Absence”, Hotdock project space, Bratislava 
2018: “Pozoruhodnosti”, Žumpa, Bratislava
2018: “Stav vecí”, Sumec, Bratislava
2017: “Pôvodný stav”, Temporary Parapet, Bratislava
2017: “Poriadok vecí”, Kunstverein Bratislava
2015 “Pokoj”, PRFR studios, Bratislava

Group Exhibitions  

2023: “Meteor”, Document x Mrs., Chicago
“On longing (Or, Modern Objects volume II)”, Huxley-Parlour, London
2022: “High Humanity”, Jack Siebert projects, Paris
“The Bright Side of the Moon”, Annarumma, Naples
2021: “The dreams in which I’m _ are the best I’ve ever had”, Mauve, Vienna
2020: “Like a picture”, Photoport, Bratislava
2019: “The Elevator”, Temporary Parapet, Bratislava
2017: “MDŽ”, White&Weiss, Bratislava
2016: “Kunstverein Selection 2016”, PRFR Studios, Bratislava
2016: Jej svet, OGV Jihlava    

Art Fairs

2023: Kiaf, Seoul, Mrs., group
 2023: Miart, Milan, Chris Sharp , solo
2023: Felix Art Fair, Los Angeles, Mrs., group