Sean P. McGaughey

Bio & CV:


Sean P. McGaughey is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Sean McGaughey’s immersive large scale abstract paintings combine inspiration and influences from Abstract Expressionism, music and his personal practice as a Nichiren Buddhist to arrive at a place of universality. The colors and energy of marks within Sean’s paintings weave in and out of each other shifting and changing from what might have started with the simple representational shapes of facial features to landscape, into flowers are a result of the first time he experienced chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Devotion to The Mystic Law of The Lotus Sutra), the Nichiren Buddhist chant with a group of people. The different colors, much like the different pitches, energy and sounds of music or voices chanting begin to transcend the singular identity and merge with the universal.


BFA, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

Solo Exhibitions:
2022 – Hummin’ In The Sun, Taymour Grahne Projects, London 
2007 – There Are No Wrong Answers BSFA, Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions
2020 – The Creator Has A Master Plan, Diane Rosenstein, Los Angeles, CA 2020 – Oh To Be A Painting, Curated by Katelyn Ledford, ABIGAIL OGILVY GALLERY, Boston, MA
2018 – Common Room, Curated by Evan Paul Trine Finishing Concepts Monterey Park, CA
2012 – Coming Together, Curated by Sonny Ruscha, Fabien Fryns, Los Angeles, CA
2012 – These Friends 3, THIS Los Angeles, CA
2011 – These Friends 2, THIS Los Angeles, CA