Bio & CV:

Chelsie Kirkey (b. 1987) is an American artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Figurative work of herself, her friends, her lovers and her environment, she invites the viewer to witness captured, intimate moments of her life. Her process to create begins with photography. She refers to her paintings as documented memories and employs her own photographs as a reference for many of her paintings.

As the emotions attached to the perception of this instant subconsciously transcribe in her style and execution, she adjust her medium of choice from precision to quickness; from long meticulous detail oriented acrylic paintings to quick loose pencil drawings. Subjects and techniques vary within necessity, moods and seasons, but all her work strives for the same dream: to capture the divine that resides in all things. 



Duo Show – 2022

Chelsie Kirkey & Ramiro Hernandez – Intimate Revelations, F2T Gallery, Milan, IT

Solo Shows – 2019

The Factory, Seattle, August

Group Shows – 2019

The Untitled Space, New York, June 6th

Spoke Art x Juxtapoz, Juxtapoz Projects at Mana Contemporary, March 1st

While Supplies Last, Mount Analogue, Seattle, Feb 22nd

Group Shows – 2018

Martha’s Contemporary, Austin, TX, Oct 26

While Supplies Last, CBTY, Seattle, Sept 28

Park Life, San Francisco, Aug 3rd

While Supplies Last, Amandine Bakeshop, Seattle, March 8th