Bio & CV:

Mario Joyce is a self-taught African American artist based in New York City. His artistic process began early and was heavily influenced by prejudices experienced growing up Black and Queer in rural Ohio. He began using both genealogical research and paint to further explore and share the social history of discrimination. After a moving to New York City, he is furthering his studies in the African diaspora and how American History is steeped in selective storytelling that neglects to share the experiences of marginalized communities. His work is characterized by vintage collage materials, vibrant colors, strong line and heavy texture. Mario Joyce has recently exhibited with Over the Influence at Future Fair in New York City last September. His work is privately owned by many collectors throughout the United States and abroad.

Paralleling his experiences as a Queer, Black boy growing up in rural Ohio to those of his direct male ancestors is integral in his practice. He begins with genealogical research, collecting stories and supporting these narratives with primary records. He then sources vintage collage images from used books printed between 1965-1999, specifically nodding to his grandfathers’ generation and his earliest memories of them. These vintage images are of natural scenes and elements, space, stars and mysterious heavenly bodies. He compiles them within the Black male figure on canvas. These figures are avatars of him, meant to represent specific male ancestors. Then, using a thick impasto technique with oil paint, he recreates scenes from his childhood farm. In the surrounding fields and forests there was solace from constant racial and homophobic attacks. Connecting to his ancestors in these fields, they guided and strengthened him from a very early age. If they could survive the impossible, surely he could tap that very strength, which must still exist in his veins. This enters his practice through varying brushstrokes that speak like a language or a script. Using old brushes, the movement of paint across the canvas retells chosen narratives continuously in his mind. Recently, soil collected from his childhood farm has been included in the paint to further connect to the space and, in a way, record all that it has witnessed. Within this investigative process, it is possible to find new ways of healing his own generational and personal trauma.


Lives and works in New York City

Solo Exhibitions:
2023 – Sakhile&Me, Frankfurt, Germany (Upcoming)
2022 – A Stranger’s House That Is Our Own, UTA Art Space, Atalanta, GA

Selected Exhibitions:
2023 – With Regard To Each Other, F2T Gallery, Milan, IT
2022 – My People, Good Black Art, New York, NY
2022 – From the Golden Hour Into Night, Over The Influence, Los Angeles, CA 
2022 – Felix Art Fair, Residency Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2021 – Future Fair, New York, NY
2020 – Night&Day, Local Project, Long Island City, Queens, NY
2020 – Prizm Art Fair, Miami, FL