LA to Milan – Press release

F2T Gallery opens its doors with a selection of LA artists

On June 16th a new venue has opened in Milan.

F2T GALLERY is an innovative project conceived and created by the renowned art collectors Francesco Bena and Matteo Novarese, who have increasingly focused their research on a fresh generation of artists from overseas. The gallery was founded with a precise mission: showcasing new and original international emerging artists. The gallery activates a venue that sources its roots from the milanese Brera neighbourhood, a historical hub for all those Italian galleries that, between the 50s and 70s, expressing the forceful connection between
artists, gallerists, and collectors. F2T GALLERY develops a determined and attentive gaze towards the future. A gaze that aims to trigger new scenarios and energies inside the contemporary art panorama.  

LA to Milan, the inaugural group show, invites the public to travel on a journey, by observing a substantial path where five artists have been invited, for the first time in Italy, from Los Angeles, the capital of culture of the west coast. The exhibition aims to reveal a comprehensive narrative of the artists’ native country through five
tangibly different aesthetics, topics and points of view about a country which is still anchored to the past, but with a forceful attention to the present.

Michelle Blade (1981, Los Angeles), Elmer Guevara (1990, Los Angeles), Matt McCormick (1987, San Francisco), Conrad Ruíz (1983, Monterey Park) and Aryo Toh Djojo (1984, Los Angeles) create aesthetics, messages and narrations that result very disparate among each other. In their paintings, a contamination of languages,
symbology and stiles are depicted and melted by a meticulous attention to the pictorial gesture and attitude, as to the one of drawing. Both mediums lead to a climax of a personal experimentation that, today, proves to have a strong recognition and impact worldwide. 

Written by Rossella Farinotti

Photo courtesy Emiliano Scatarzi